Plagiarism Free Warranty

Plagiarism is considered to be academic fraud. It is frowned upon in all academic establishments and considered to be akin to cheating. It is for this reason that we ensure every paper we deliver is completely original and 100% free from plagiarism. We check all papers consistently before sending them to our customers and we run them through plagiarism software and provide a plagiarism report for you. This ensures that our papers are 100% the work of our writers. The plagiarism software tool that we use is updated frequently to keep it up to date. What’s more, the software itself is updated regularly to improve its ability to detect plagiarism in texts with increasing accuracy and certainty.

Due to our practices, we are guarantee that all of the written essays, assignments and other academic work we produce is 100% free from plagiarism against every online source, academic paper databases, and free samples available. We also ensure it is unique against work already produced on our own databases too.

If it occurs that one of our customers has doubts about the paper that they have received from us, we assume full responsibility for investigating the issue critically. We will also revise the essay without the customer incurring further costs.

Should there be a dispute about a high amount of plagiarism being detected in an essay or assignment completed by a writer at, we will only accept a scanned copy of a plagiarism report or another university-based plagiarism report to be able to resolve the case amicably. Unfortunately, we can’t accept other means of evidence as proof that the essay we provided was plagiarized.

Since our company began, we have earned an excellent reputation for being trustworthy, reliable, and transparent on issues that affect our customers’ academic stance.

The fact that we have so many repeat customers and an increasing customer base is evidence of this. With our expertise and professionalism, we guarantee that our customers can trust us with their academic writing requirements. It is vital for us that our warranty on plagiarism-free content is upheld. We understand completely the problems turning in a paper that is plagiarized can cause. Not only are our customers put at risk, but it also makes us look bad as a business, which we want to avoid at all costs. At, we take our work seriously.